Jill Douka International Speaker TEDxChennaiJill Douka, MBA, ACC

Jill Douka is a Life Coach, international speaker and author.

She is Greek Canadian and is one of the few Europeans who has recruited, trained, and coached thousands of individuals in Europe, USA and Asia.Chosen as a  European Business Mentor, Jill was awarded for her contribution. Jill has worked with the managers of many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Kraft, Iberdrola.

Founder of the global non-profit www.betterlifeday.com the global educational plafrorm comitted to spread solutions in everyday challenges, is commited to supporting initiatives where lifelong learning tools are accesible to all.

She is a member of International Coach Federation, member of Hellenic Coaching Association, member of the European Business Mentors, member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and founding member of the European Evolutionary Business Council.

She is one of the first European women chosen to speak in a TEDx event in Asia, TEDxChennai 2012 in India where she inspired over 1200 participants with her speech Our Unique Failures. You may view the talk here.

Jill is one of the few speakers globaly who have spoken at 2 TEDx events.

You may view her speech at TEDxNicosia, 3 ways to have fun at work here.

3 ways to regenerate and have fun at work TEDxNicosia by Jill Douka Jill Douka International speaker Experts Industry Association Member

Jill’s Uniqueness is leading high-end targets through creative flexibility, in order to empower people to take actions, feel secure and get the greatest value from their lives.

Jill Douka International speaker Saveetha University She has developed the Uniqueness Concept after years of studying, working with, and trying on herself most of the existing forms of self development that can be found. The Uniqueness Concept links all her knowledge and positive experiences from coaching, breathing work, yoga, NLP, EFT, inner child therapy, strengths approach, positive psychology, art therapy, hypnosis, the law of attraction, dance, consulting and management. Some of Jill’s teachers are: Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins,Leonard Orr, Merce Cunningham.

Through Uniqueness Development Group, Jill has been leading workshops where she uses experiential training techniques with movement, music, acting and games,which make the experience enjoyably transformative.

In her coaching sessions she enhances her clients’ leadership abilities by assisting them in unlocking their strengths, energy and goals.

She commits toLife Coach Greece Uniqueness Development Group Jill Douka working with people’s values, focusing on their strengths and positivity.

She holds an MBA from ALBA and an International Coach Academy graduate. She has studied Human Resources in Cornell University and holds a Masters degree in Cultural Management and Political Science from Université Paris Dauphine. She is a graduate of Higher Professional Dance Teachers School and has done her Post Graduate studies in Contemporary Dance and Choreography in Merce Cunningham Foundation in New York.

Her ideal world is full of people who live by their Uniqueness, are healthy and happy.
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