In Uniqueness Development Group, we focus on what works in people and help to enhance it in the best possible way, without trying to fix what does not work. We achieve this by connecting the true values, needs and goals of each Uniqueness Development Member.

The Uniqueness Concept is a blend of the strengths movement, positive psychology and body mind connection.

Uniqueness Development Group Life Coaching Greece Jill DoukaWe support our Uniqueness Development Members in following the formula that all successful people do: to find and follow their true bliss by focusing on their positive side.

It’s like going back to the basics as Socrates said in 300 B.C “Know Thyself”.

We have all experienced that the way we have been living until today, isn’t working any longer. The structure of our society has taken us away from our own nature, our values and needs.

Restructuring is needed and Uniqueness Development Group brings this new value proposition.
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Uniqueness Development Group Life Coaching Greece Jill Douka