Three ways to cope with people that make you go crazy

November 19th, 2012

We all have people around us who can make us lose control. How can we treat them?

Yes, they live around us. Whether they are people from your close environment or people from you deal with rarely, you are getting crazy from the first moment you are discussing with them. You cannot communicate with them. You just cannot! There is a solution, take a look…

Get yourself out of the equation
We believe that when someone communicates with us, what he has in his mind is…us. But think about it, while you are talking to someone, who is the person you have in your mind…? That’s right! It is you! This is completely normal as the feelings and the thoughts come from you. So, whatever one says, the kind of attitude one adopts, has nothing to do with you. It has to do with all the problems the other person has with himself. It is important not to take things personally. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you do not express yourself when you feel insulted or when you feel your boundaries are suppressed. Even under these circumstances, phrases like ‘Could you’, ‘If we see it from another point of view together.. ‘Another option could be’, ‘I think it would be better to talk some other time when things will be calmer’, etc can ease out the tension. Take yourself out of the equation and the communication process would be easier.

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How you can make failure work… for you!

November 7th, 2012

How can someone achieve something that he really wants? What kind of tools can one use? What to expect, when your dreams and goals, do not become real? I am sharing my experience with you, hopefully it will help you accomplish your ambitions!

It is a great honor for a speaker to participate in a Tedx event. Tedx events, initiated by Ted, a non-profit organization that was founded in 1984 in California, are prestigious speaking events that take place in many countries around the world and aim to spread ideas that are worth spreading. In December of 2012, one of my new year’s resolutions I set with my colleagues was to speak in a Tedx event.

The first thing we did was to contact with the leaders of Tedx events in Cyprus and Greece, as I am Greek- Canadian. We did not hear something from them. In March of 2012, I noticed that the selection process of the Ted speakers in California has started. The first requirement was to send a one-minute video of your proposed speech to Ted and wait until your speech was chosen among thousands of applications, in order to talk in one of the events which would take place in 14 different cities and in 6 different continents. I picked the Tedx event in Amsterdam (the closest destination). If your one-minute video was accepted, then you could perform your speech there for 4-6 minutes. I thought: “It’s ok! I have nothing to lose!”

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Your magic phrase

September 26th, 2012

A phrase that can improve your present state in a heartbeat!

Two years ago, I participated in a seven-day seminar called Breakthrough to Success with my mentor Jack Canfield, in Scottsdale, Arizona of America. Jack Canfield is considered to be the No. 1 coach in America and has sold over 112 million books in 40 languages. There were about 300 people from 48 different countries. The seminar is about obtaining the tools you need in order to take your life to the next level. It was one of the best seminars I have ever attended, and I have attended a lot!

On the third day, I started feeling more comfortable. As a person, in general, I need some time before I begin to share personal information. I could never imagine that 2 years later, many of the participants would become my partners and together, we would create many personal development projects  … then I was committed to my comfort zone!

I am really impressed by Jack. I have never seen a more mature man before, without self-conceit, very authentic and humble. He is so successful -you might have seen him in the movie or the book The Secret- he is a millionaire, he has many celebrities friends, we were clapping and would not let him talk and he was… there, standing meek, to the point, full of kindness. I realize that his behaviour comes from the fact that he is aligned with his authenticity, he has accepted it and has no need to prove something more. I admire him.

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Ten Signs which show that you are closer to love yourself

September 26th, 2012

How do you understand that you have started to appreciate yourself… just as much you deserve it!

10) You often close your eyes and envision that you have achieved something big that you want very much and you feel great!

9) When you make a mistake, you think… it is over. Next time I will do it right.

8 ) You are looking yourself in the mirror and say, wow … you are beautiful!

7) When you feel hurt by others’ behaviour, you realize it has nothing to do with you … it has to do with the problems they have themselves.

6) When something good happens … You know the first three people you will call.

5) You schedule to do alone something that you really love, once a week.

4) The food you eat…you would give it to your child to eat!

3) You accept and love your body as it is. Today. Now.

2) You define yourself by your total personality rather than your titles.

1) If you were not yourself … you would love to hang out with you … you are an amazing person!

Be Unique!

Jill Douka MBA, ACC
Founder of
Coach, Workshop Leader, Author

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Rage: Get to Know It and Leave It Behind

September 11th, 2012

Yes! It is totally unfair… everybody tells you so. It is insane. It was not your fault and you cannot understand why this is happening to you. Either someone talked to you badly or you were a victim of fraud, either a minor or major problem, the result is always the same: you feel angry!

Our anger, no matter how hard we try to control it, is there. How many times have you seen someone and feel uncomfortable about his sitting next to you or get upset with his rude manner? How many times have you talked on the phone realizing that your interlocutor is simmering with anger?

Having been molested as a child, I had a lot of anger inside which, since I was young, I tried to find ways to relieve. As I grew older and after some research I’ve learnt that every time you get angry and not take it out, part of it remains inside you and works as an anchor. The angrier you feel, the bigger the anchor you create, thus limiting your development as a person.
Research has proved that diseases, such as depression and weight gain are related to anger. And of course you are familiar with that ‘wonderful’ feeling you get in your throat, on your back or stomach when you get angry.

That’s all very well said but how can you face anger?

Grab the pillow. Yes, you read right! Grab a pillow and start hitting. My clients love hitting the couch or the pillow on the floor. Play some music loud (preferably rock or metal) and hit for 3 minutes. Take some deep breath and repeat. In the end inhale deeply 10 times. You will instantly feel a lot better.

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Your beautiful flaws!

September 11th, 2012

‘We all have flaws. Nobody is perfect.’

In a distant village of China, the water was miles away. So people would carry water having two pots hanged with a pole. One of the two pots had a crack while the other was perfectly made. For two years, the poor lady had been carrying the water at her home having the full amount of water from the intact pot and half amount from the pot with the crack. Day by day, the pot with the crack was feeling uncomfortable. The lady had been walking miles away to bring water at her home and the result was less water than she wanted because of the pot with the crack. The pot was ashamed of being able to accomplish only half of its duty. It felt like a failure. One morning, it took all its courage and told the lady: “I am ashamed of not being able to help you and you arrive home with half of the water.” The poor lady answered to the pot: “Have you ever noticed that at your side of the road, flowers have blossomed? I knew from the beginning that you had that crack and I decided to throw some seeds. For all these two years, I come home with a bouquet of flowers, which makes our table and the whole house look more beautiful, because of you. Without your own crack, there would be no flowers. Thank you for that. “.

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Be Unique

June 13th, 2012

There is a very common phrase in all the crime movies: “You are guilty, we found your DNA to the scene of the crime, and nobody has the same DNA… you have the right to remain silent…”!

You are Unique!

Truly! There is no one like you in the whole world. Obviously I do not mean only your appearance. Sure, no one has your body or your face. Even identical twins have differences.

But think about it. No one has your knowledge. One may have the same degrees, certificates and working experience, but only you are able to perceive your particular knowledge on your own and unique way. No one has your skills.
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How Blessed Are You?

June 13th, 2012

Nowadays, it is true that lots of people tend to be very negative. Everybody is negative about the taxes they pay, those who do not have a job moan for unemployment, those who have moan for the low wages and all together moan for the politicians. I understand. The global economic situation, is historically one of the most difficult ones.

Now, close your eyes and just do not think of a blue elephant….

…What did you see? What did you think of?

That is a very easy way to realize that whenever we focus on something, it is there. Do you want better health, better relationships and prosperity? Then give thanks to the universe, to the higher power in which you believe (depending on your religious beliefs) for all the things you have. Start counting you blessings and your life will be better.

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Woman’s day!

June 13th, 2012

The 8th of March, is the International Women’s Day, in memory of a protest that took place on the 8th of March 1857, held by women textile workers in New York, asking for better working conditions. However, nowadays the International Women’s Day, has lost its political background, turning into an expression of sympathy from men to women, via presents and flowers. It is being held by the United Nations since 1975, to highlight women’s rights and problems.
Below, you can see a plenty of quotes that I chose, to remind us our unique nature.

“Women are always beautiful”, Ville Valo.

“The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants”, My Big Fat Greek Wedding-Maria Portokalos( actress Lainie Kazan).

“Curve: The loveliest distance between two points”, Mae West.

“During a fight, women always have the last word. Whatever a man say after that, is the start of a new fight”, Unknown.

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The One Best Tip for An Entrepreneur

February 21st, 2012

Begin With The End In Mind!

Whatever you wish to do, begin with the end in mind!
Let yourself dream big and make your end an end worth working hard.
Focus on what would make you be willing to invest your time and energy for the next years.
What end would make you smile every morning when you wake up?
How would this end make you a better person? How would your final goal give back to your community?Yes, begin with the end in mind and things will be great!

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