Three ways to cope with people that make you go crazy

We all have people around us who can make us lose control. How can we treat them?

Yes, they live around us. Whether they are people from your close environment or people from you deal with rarely, you are getting crazy from the first moment you are discussing with them. You cannot communicate with them. You just cannot! There is a solution, take a look…

Get yourself out of the equation
We believe that when someone communicates with us, what he has in his mind is…us. But think about it, while you are talking to someone, who is the person you have in your mind…? That’s right! It is you! This is completely normal as the feelings and the thoughts come from you. So, whatever one says, the kind of attitude one adopts, has nothing to do with you. It has to do with all the problems the other person has with himself. It is important not to take things personally. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you do not express yourself when you feel insulted or when you feel your boundaries are suppressed. Even under these circumstances, phrases like ‘Could you’, ‘If we see it from another point of view together.. ‘Another option could be’, ‘I think it would be better to talk some other time when things will be calmer’, etc can ease out the tension. Take yourself out of the equation and the communication process would be easier.

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