On 5/11/12, men and women, from every suburb, ignored the general transportation strike and gathered in Public at Sintagma in order to attend the event ”Female Entrepreneurs: Joke or Reality?”. Jill Douka, Life Coach, International speaker and author with the support of the largest lifestyle portal in Greece In2life, together with Vefa Alexiadou, Manti Persaki, Efi Saini and Apostolos Aivalis answered all the questions that the participants posed about female entrepreneurship and showed us the way to discover the ways of creating successful entrepreneurship ventures in Greece.


Greek Woman entrepreneur impressed the Indian public with 3 solutions

on dealing with failure

A Greek entrepreneur and Life Coach impressed the people in India by presenting to 1.200 viewers in TedxChennai and 1.300 students at the University of Saveetha with her speech on how to make failure part of success.

Jill Douka MBA, ACC, life coach, international speaker and author, mentor at the European Business Mentors, introduced 3 very unique ways of dealing with failure in two different and popular events in India.

In TedxChennai-the event which was held on 30th of September at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, in Chennai, India,  Jill Douka was one of the 16 speakers who were representing 10 countries from 5 different continents. The participants at the TEDx event had the opportunity to laugh, to cry, to applaud the speakers, to sing, to shout and to learn many things through listening to all these inspiring speeches.

The blogger Clinically Cynical, one of the top boggers in India commented: ‘Jill Douka’s speech, from Greece, the subject of which was about Our Unique Failures, helped us to understand how important it is to embrace our failures. When you understand and accept failure, you prepare yourself for success. She raised to us the question of how we can make the failure work for us and made us all to think about all the possible solutions. The idea of a personal failure card is an idea that we will certainly use in the future.’

The second speech was delivered to an audience of 1.300 students at the auditorium of Saveetha University-the third in ranking in India, on 29th of September 2012 along with 10 internationally renowned speakers.

Life Coach Jill Douka noted: ‘People abroad are worried about the social and economic situation of Greece. My speech was about our failures because it is important to learn how we can handle our failures in the best way as a part of our success. I was impressed by the participation of the public, even at the moment of the meditation process while we were learning how to find solutions through ourselves. It was a great moment for Greece. I am honored to be one of the first European women who were invited to participate in a Tedx event in Asia. Globalization I believe is the key to the future. In Uniqueness Development Group, we continue on our growth in Greece, people need support and we plan now our Global platform to support women with experts solutions.’

You may watch Jill Douka at her TEDxChennai speech “Our Unique Failures” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQKTaJt48Bw&feature=plcp


Optimism and positive energy are the feelings that flooded everyone who attended the event “Women in crisis: We can do it!” on 25/6/2012 at Public in Syntagma. UniquenessDevelopmentGroup with the support of the leading lifestyle portal In2life welcomed Efi Anesti, Zeta Douka and Xenia Kourtoglou who revealed unknown aspects of themselves to Jill Douka, Life coach and spread smiles to many faces.


“It felt like home” said the 10 lucky Queen.gr readers, at Coco-mat shop in Alimos on the 16/5/2012. While enjoying warm hospitality, they watched at Jill Douka’s workshop and discovered their unique beauty! 


On the 14/5/2012 Korres company welcomed the lucky  beautydiaries.gr readers who came to watch «How to look beautiful» workshop. Trully lucky because they met one of the best  beauty editors in Greece Efi Anesti, and  life coach Jill Douka.  After all who is more appropriate concerning beauty?


About 20 were the lucky In2life readers Greece’s number 1 lifestyle online magazine, who came on the 22/3/2012 at Public in Glyfada and watched Jill Douka’s workshop. In the end they felt full of positive energy and self-confidence.


The visitors of exhibition Education 2012 experienced an unexpected surprise on the 4/3/2012. Sponsored by Look4studies.com , Jill Douka presented the “3 ways to 100% control your life” workshop.


A unique workshop full of smiles and positivity at Lacta on the 14/2/2012, with life coach Jill Douka. “I Hug” was the title, and a hall teeming with bright people and really warm hugs!

Watch the video here!


Many unique In2life readers came at Public at Syntagma square, on the 8/2/2012 to take part to the workshop «Your Value. How to make the best out of you», with life coach Jill Douka!


Jill Douka’s workshop in front of approximately 200 participants was a great success. 16/6/2011 at Xinis Education Festival. “100% on my hands” workshop.


Life coach Jill Douka at Greece Career Day on the 29/5/2011 hosted by AIESEC, titled  “Creating a life-long connection”. Young participants who want to enhance their lives, and Uniqueness Development Group’s friends increase!


The successful “The value of You” workshop, keeps charming. This time at the Athens College Alumni club, with the experienced life coach Jill Douka on the 4/5/2011.


Workshop sponsored by the innovative Look4studies at the exhibition  “Education 2011”. A hall teeming with young people who want to unlock their energy and value, at “How to develop yourself Jill Douka’s workshop on the 13/3/2011.


20/1/2011 and “The value of You” super workshop acquires more participants and friends, who want to learn ways to highlight their value. Life coach Jill Douka at Athens Hackathon, sponsored by Colab.


There is nothing better than discovering your inner value! On the 18th of November 2010, life coach Jill Douka, MBA, ACC, ALBA Alumnus  presented the “ The Value of You” workshop to the  ALBA alumni, sponsored by Tasty.


Jill Douka’s article published in HR Professional magazine on March
”A Balanced Life equal to a Happy Life”

«He started screaming so loud that we were running all around to shut the doors!  It was like he had had a nervous break-down», said the secretary to the Head of Accounting about her manager.  «And imagine that the reason of his reaction was something of no importance! He should probably have problems with his family! There is no other explanation. »

«Metron Ariston» (everything at the proper proportion) said the ancient philosopher Kleovoulos

Have you ever taken notice of a really happy person; a person who glows from happiness? If you take a closer look at their life, these people lead a balanced life! Human nature is holistic: body, mind and soul are all one; they all function as a whole! Should one of them doesn’t work well the function of the others is affected, as well.  The same stands with the seven basic areas of our lives: Our relationships (family, romantic ones, friends), our work, our finances, our health and body exercise, our personal development (education and achievements), our free time and hobbies and finally our contribution to society (charities, volunteer work, etc.). All those are part of a balanced life.

Let’s play this game:  Write down these areas in a piece of paper and draw a line under each one of them.  So, under the word: relationships (family, romantic ones and friends) you draw a straight line which you divide into 10 parts of the same length.  Then, under the word: work you draw a straight line which you divide into 10 parts of the same length, etc.   After you have done this for all areas of your life, evaluate yourself at each one of them at a rank from 1 to 10!  You can then compare your actual state versus your desired one at each area.

For example you may rate your work as 8 and your relationships as 5, depending on how you think you are doing.  Check the results; which areas of your life have the lower rate?  By working on these areas and by overcoming any personal obstacles, you can make a huge difference in your life, since all the above-mentioned areas communicate with each other.  With that I do not mean that you quit your job to work on your relationship, in case you have rated your job as 6 and your relationships as 5!  What I really mean is that you listen actively to your partner; you read or learn tools and techniques for better communication with them so as to be able to cover their needs the same way that you can cover your needs as well.  When this is achieved you may go to the office and receive the following comment: «That was a very efficient meeting today, your mood has improved lately».

Just Remember: Improvement and Change do not depend on peoples’ potential but rather on the strength of their motives.  How strong is yours?


Quotes of Jill Δούκα the Greek newpaper ”Τα Νέα” about coaching



Jill Douka guest in ”Aquaradio” on our Uniqueness

Mind the Gap in relationships. Jill Douka was the guest speaker of Marea Laoutari and Xenofondas Katramadis in the radio show of Aquaradio on Saturday 9 October 16:00-18:00. In the show there were lots of questions on our Uniqueness and the way we can apply it in relationships. There was a lot of dancing too!


2010 Breakthrough to Success

Uniqueness Development Group founder, Jill Douka participated in Jack Canfields “America’s #1 Success Coach,” 7 day Breakthrough to Success Workshop in Scottsdale Arizona.
Apart from mingling with very interesting people from all over the world, Jill was very excited to talk and share strategies and thoughts with other workshop leaders.
Some of her thoughts can be read in her latest article at UDG Blog….

Uniqueness game

Jill Douka UDG Founder with Jack Canfield “America’s #1 Success Coach,”


Jill Douka guest in The People Show

The people show by Antonis Karagianakis, in Athens Radio which broadcasts in 10 different languages, presented Jill Douka, Uniqueness Development Group founder on July 24 2010. You can hear the interview in English here:



Athens Information Technology Meet Your Future Summer School

On Wednesday 30 June 2010 Jill Douka Uniqueness Development Group Founder offered a group coaching session to school and college students about How to choose your profession. With music, videos and discussion the atmosphere was exiting.
At the end each participant left with their wheel of life for future reference!
The 5 days Meet Your Future Summer School organized by AIT,had great success.
Read more here:

» http://www.ait.gr/ait_web_site/summer_school_junior.jsp


Leading Ladies “How education helps them grow businesses”

The first Leading Ladies Event organized by ALBA Hub for Enterprise and Development on December 18th 2009 in Athens Hilton, was hosted by Money and Show. Jill Douka, talked about “Supporting Growth Business Entrepreneurs”.
More info:

» http://www.alba.edu.gr/AHEAD/Projects/Pages/LeadingLadies.aspx

στο “Capsis Cultural Exhibition & Conference Centre”
στην Λεωφόρο Κηφισίας στο Δαχτυλίδι