Why Uniqueness Development?

We are living in hastily changing times. The industrial age is well behind us and we have entered the age of knowledge. The majority of employees are hired for their ability to apply their knowledge and use their judgment, an attribute which cannot be replaced by any PC or machine. Unfortunately, we still treat employees in the same way we treated them during the industrial age. The difference between the industrial age and the age of knowledge is based on a new value proposition. This new value proposition shifts the whole organizational culture and philosophy towards the following new paradigms:

  1. We generally shift from control towards unleashing talent.
  2. Organizations shift from being boss centered towards a complimentary team where each person brings in different traits, talents and know-how, while employees are no more treated as an expense but as a primary leveraged asset.
  3. Motivation needs to be derived from within, not from the external environment, and ultimately from the individual’s own culture and background.
  4. And last but not least, employees should be the ones to own responsibility for results, and not only the boss/manager.

The Uniqueness Model is supported and developed from the cultural shift of the age of knowledge. We believe in Human excellence and help support it through all our services.


Uniqueness Manager Workshop

A life changing Workshop, tailor-made to your company’s Vision and your Managers’ needs. Managers find their own Uniqueness, and learn the methodology to unlock the Uniqueness of their staff. Managers experience how to make the best out of people, and develop high-expectation teams. As a result, the future outcome involves full engagement of staff, increased profitability, and attraction of great talent.

Unique Living Workshop

A transformational Workshop that takes your staff from where they are to where they want to be. Through the Uniqueness Living Workshop, everybody leaves with a plan and great tools to take their life to the  next level, in alignment with your company’s values.

Positive energy day

Lacta Uniqueness Development Group

An exciting day which will fill your executives with enthusiasm and full of positive energy! It’s a day full of team building activities and inspirational videos, while movement and group coaching uplifts the energy of the participants and increases their engagement towards the company. An amazing experience!


Uniqueness Coaching

We conduct one-on-one sessions with executives and support them towards unlocking their Uniqueness, helping them achieve higher levels at work and greater satisfaction, productivity and wealth increase, all while living a balanced life. In the process, we align the needs of the company with the needs of the coaches.


Uniqueness Recruitment

We recruit the best candidates in the market that fit the needs of your company by following the Uniqueness recruitment method. Find out more about what we can do for your company!