Life Coaching

Coaching is the partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and supports them to maximize their personal and professional potential.Jill Douka Life Coach Greece Uniqueness Development Group

Coaches work with clients on a variety of topics: from business and professional issues to personal and spiritual concerns. A coach is an advocate, a sounding board, a cheerleader, an accountability partner, a truth teller and a supporter. Coaching involves dialogue between a coach and a client with the aim of helping the client obtain a fulfilling life. This is achieved by helping the client establish what is important to them and by clarifying their values. With the client’s input, the coach co-creates value based goals and a plan to achieve them. Through collaboration, the coach supports the client to achieve these goals.

A coach offers many things to the client during the coaching process such as:

  1. Support to discover the answers within him or herself
  2. Clarification of values
  3. Co-creation of a plan for how to achieve what the client really wants
  4. A sounding board for new ideas
  5. Support in making life changing decisions
  6. Challenge to expand their views beyond their perceived limitations
  7. Direction
  8. Acknowledgement
  9. Encouragement
  10. Resource of information

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could not Fail?

Jill Douka Life Coach Greece Uniqueness Development Group

Unique Life Coaching

We work with adults and support them to rise above today’s limitations and live now (not when they retire) the life of their dreams.

Unique Youth Coaching

Jill Douka Life Coach Greece Uniqueness Development GroupWe work directly with young people aged 14 to 20, offering them professional guidance, tools, and strategies to support them in finding their strengths while focusing on their unique abilities in order to live a life they will love and shine in.

Unique Career Coaching

We team up with executives and support them in achieving magnificent levels of work, and in deriving satisfaction, productivity and wealth by living a balanced life.

Unique Entrepreneurs Coaching

Jill Douka Life Coach Greece Uniqueness Development GroupBeing an entrepreneur is a choice that demands knowing your strengths and applying them more and more efficiently every day. This goal is achieved by entrepreneur coaching, which supports you in increasing not only your profits, but also your days off and leisure time.

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Unique Living Workshop

If you’re looking for a new level of success and achievement in your life…Jill Douka Life Coach Greece Uniqueness Development Groupwhether it is in your physical, financial, mental, emotional, or spiritual life…
Treat yourself with the Unique Living Workshop…
Have fun while you plan your great future, learn ways to let go of past problems and develop your new strong self through your uniqueness.

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