Would you like to discover and unlock your Uniqueness by playing the Uniqueness Game?

The game is very exciting and addictive!
See yourself in the words of a phrase.

You follow these simple steps:

1. Order here your Uniqueness Game.
2. We send you your link for the Uniqueness Game via email and you register.
3. You play the game and gather all the information needed.
4. Then, you book your Uniqueness Breakthrough session with a specialized coach who supports you to unlock/write your Uniqueness.
5. At the end of the session you leave with your 3-4 lines very own Uniqueness!
Uniqueness game
Acceptance Mark

“Fantastic experience! You gather so much great feedback about yourself! I carry my Uniqueness in my wallet everywhere!”

“At the beginning I was sceptical. As the game was progressing, I wanted to gather more and more information about me….at the end when we formed with the coach my 3 line Uniqueness, I got very sentimental. Now I want to live in my Uniqueness every day…Thank you.”

M.T Greece

“I see myself in these words!Thank you!”

S.H Canada

“I like this woman, she is cool would like to hang out with her!!!” By Christina the minute she formed her Uniqueness

The Uniqueness Game is a fun and exciting way to discover your Unique attributes. Guided by the online Uniqueness Game, you find your very own 25 Unique attributes. By combining these Unique attributes in one phrase we form your 3-4 line Uniqueness which is your core essence. For example Barbara’s Uniqueness’s is: “thinking & acting upon enlightening ideas, while building solid, trustful relationships, in order to achieve results, provide solutions, feel excited, in harmony and love.”

John’s Uniqueness is “To embrace all kind of environments, by learning, analyzing and activating people. This way I provide new areas for improvement that lead to enhance peoples, processes and experiences through listening, respecting and persevering my environments success”

This powerful phrase, comes from your own reflection, a scientific test and the way your environment perceives you in the form of an online game.
This means that you gather a 360 degree feedback information.
At the end you conduct with a specialized coach a breakthrough session where you combine all the attributes you have gathered and form your 3-4 line Uniqueness.
When the Uniqueness is formed, the feelings are exhilarating for the player. It feels like a revelation.
Then, this 3-4 line Uniqueness is written in a card which fits in your wallet, so that you have your Uniqueness written with you at all times.

The total time investment is 3-4 hours.
Then you take daily 3-5 minutes to read your Uniqueness and get grounded. Remember: you see yourself in the words of one phrase!

You see this is what you and only you, bring to your environment. No one else has the combination of these attributes. Just like no one else has your DNA. Therefore, when you live your life around your Uniqueness, you give back to your environment the greatest possible value.
You feel on purpose, happier and life gets a new meaning, a mission.
Consequently, the more you focus on your Uniqueness, the more abundance and money you draw into your life.

Are you ready to Unlock yours Strengths, Energy and Goals?

Get started now!

Investment: 290 Euros

Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.
Please email or call us to state your preferred payment plan.

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