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Jill Douka Uniqueness Development Group

I asked for your help because I wanted to have a more balanced life and have time to do the things I love and be with the people I love.

You have been very helpful in supporting me accomplish my goals towards a more balanced life. I have learned to remain positive despite any setbacks I may have had. When I felt overwhelmed, you reminded me to focus and relax. I appreciate the summary forms you send me after each session. You are very well organized and very positive. Thank you for all your support.
Fatou Ba
USA Entrepreneur

…My main focus was to identify some keys elements in order to overcome a repeating challenge I was facing. I really needed to understand the why and to move on.

…made me reflect on the commons elements of this challenge and to visualise a very specific moment in order to assess what happened and most of all on what to do next time.

What I really appreciated was the constant encouragement as well as to celebrate ALL my small wins.

I feel better, build my confidence in order to face similar situation, in the future.

Wow did I feel great and energized after each session!

Sylvain Huot
Director of Marketing, Thailand

“I had lots of priority projects on the go and felt that I was not advancing with one specific area, namely publishing my book. I was working on my book for a long time already and put much much pressure on myself as had no clear idea neither on the concept nor the steps till publishing.

One of the first and biggest issues we resolved were to create a timely plan for the publishing, which (1) showed me how realistic my publishing date idea was (2) what needs to be accomplished by then and when. This took tremendous pressure off me, I feel so relieved and I have more energy left to deal with other projects as well. In the meantime, I am taking Jill’s help in other aspects of building my business as well. She is an incredible coach who asks powerful questions, makes me have big realisations, challenges me and gives a helping hand in brainstorming to perfect some of my ideas. The sessions with her are very much action-driven which creates great accountability for me.

Due to our work together with Jill I don’t only feel much less stressed with working on my multiple projects, but I see my progress in all areas which gives me lots of satisfaction and joy – and first of all, I am daring to progress, due to her continuous encouragement and support.

Thanks a lot for your precious work so far Jill!”

Erika Kalmar
Recruitment Expert & Career Coach

Life Coach, Uniqueness Development Group

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